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We have been on Bells Road since April 2005 when we opened this little computer shop for friendly advice, service and support on just about anything to do with computers. We build machines from scratch to your specification, we are not box pushers. All our computers come with 1yr "Back to Base" Warranty for parts and labour.

The shop is owned and run by my wife Melissa and myself David. My wife being the brains! The shop is now run by my 2 boys David and Sean who over the years have learnt all that they need to know to run this shop and keep the customers happy. I have been working with computers since 1993 and over that time I have seen good and bad things happen with computers, from the old 386 CPU up to the new Quad Core CPU's. and 512 megs being the hard drive space to it being the minimum used for RAM. Windows 3.1 with DOS right up to Windows 8 (the next Windows Me) and know Windows 10

If you have never seen our shop on Bells Road, that won't surprise me as it is quite a small shop, just opposite Tony's Fish And Chip Shop, were open 5 days a week from 8am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Except Wednesday and Saturday 9am Ė 1pm

You canít miss us after our facelift on the shop front